Year 3

3F – Miss Fielding (Mon-Fri)

3AP – Miss Axford (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Patterson (Wed-Fri)

Miss Tabbasm and Mrs Lakin

Happy New Year!

The children have been very excited to return back to school for the start of the new year.

Please check this page of the website for class and classwork related updates.

Wednesday is our PE day.

Please send your child into school in their PE kits as children will not be changing in school.

Home Learning Project

Our Spring topic is ‘Wonders of the World’

We would like you to create a model of any famous landmark in the world. This does not need to be completed until the end of term. You can do a small amount each week. Please do not leave it all until the last week.

Possible things you could use: shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, string, bottle tops, buttons, paint, crayons, glitter, card and glue – feel free to use whatever you like though.

Weekly Home Learning

Home Reading – We are now able to send home reading books, please sign their reading record with the page numbers. We will change the books when finished (no more than once per week), some may take longer based on the size of their book and their reading ability. Please ensure your child has a bag in school.

Home learning is set through the multiple online learning platforms that school subscribes to. 

Children should aim to complete a minimum of 30 mins of Maths and 30 mins of reading per week. 

Reading Eggs

TT Rockstars


Anytime Timetable Challenge

Age related spelling expectations

We no longer set weekly home learning – please access the online links above.

Spelling Practise    


  • accident(ally)
  • actual(ly)
  • address
  • answer
  • appear


  • arrive
  • believe
  • bicycle
  • breath
  • breathe


  • build
  • busy
  • calendar
  • caught
  • centre


  • century
  • certain
  • circle
  • complete
  • consider


  • continue
  • decide
  • describe
  • different
  • difficult


  • disappear
  • earthly
  • eight
  • enough
  • exercise


  • loudly
  • gladly
  • cheerful
  • dutiful
  • restless
  • tasteless


  • eight/eighth
  • enough
  • exercise
  • experience
  • experiment

Summer 1

  • nicely
  • basically
  • simply
  • frantically
  • humbly
  • build
  • myth
  • cygnet
  • mystery
  • pretty
  • women
  • pyramid
  • busy
  • business
  • earth
  • eight
  • eighth
  • heart
  • height
  • history

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