The Osborne Curriculum

Children are at the heart of all we do, and our curriculum has a strong emphasis on Personal development. We have 3 simple rules.

Be ready Be respectful Be safe

These embody our aim to create a community of learners who are ready for the world and ready for challenges, respectful and appreciative of the differences in the world that make it so amazing and able to keep themselves and others safe through conscientious actions.

Our broad and balanced curriculum aligns closely to the requirements of the National Curriculum but is personalised to our community.

We design our curriculum so it is arranged in a coherent and carefully sequenced way. It is grounded in the principles of cognitive science which means that lesson structures and learning sequences are designed with the most up to date understanding of how children learn most effectively. We create progression in skills and knowledge by periodically revisiting and deepening learning around concepts throughout the entirety of a learner’s journey through school.

Our curriculum has a focus on the development of literacy and clear communication as well as ensuring learners’ personal, social and moral education is prioritised. Knowledge is acquired and applied in a range of ways to ensure deep and meaningful connections are made and that knowledge is retained. Children have opportunities to demonstrate their understanding.

The content and experiences within our curriculum are designed to accumulate to address the gaps in cultural capital of all our students in particularly those who are disadvantaged.