The Osborne Curriculum

Children are at the heart of all we do, and our curriculum has a strong emphasis on Personal development. We have 3 simple rules.

Be ready Be respectful Be safe

These embody our aim to create a community of learners who are ready for the world and ready for challenges, respectful and appreciative of the differences in the world that make it so amazing and able to keep themselves and others safe through conscientious actions.

Our Curriculum Statement


At Osborne Primary School, we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is exciting, innovative and centred around the needs of our children.  We believe all learning that takes place in and outside of the classroom must provide memorable experiences that shape the minds of our young people.  The knowledge and skills taught at our school, prepare our children to become global citizens.


At Osborne Primary School, our exciting curriculum will be delivered through engaging topics.  The curriculum will be implemented through;

  • Carefully sequenced lessons which show progression and depth
  • Detailed knowledge planners which outline the learning which will take place
  • Quiz questions that will review learning
  • Opportunities for carefully planned visits and visitors which will provide first hand experiences
  • Engagement with artefacts which will develop curiosity, deeper thinking and questioning
  • Regular opportunities for parents to engage with the children’s learning
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Challenge for all


All children should be able to;

  • articulate and share knowledge about what they have learnt
  • thoughtfully challenge, question and evaluate subject matters within lessons
  • produce outcomes in line with or better than national at all stages and areas of the curriculum
  • display respect and tolerance for every culture, faith and background
  • show readiness for the next stage of learning at each transition point
  • display a sense of aspiration and a desire to continue learning
  • discuss how learning about their Rights impacts them positively
  • leave Year 6 with a sense of confidence and self-worth.

Curriculum Overview 2023-2024