School Meals

School Meals

Children may have a school meal cooked on the premises (halal, if required) or bring a packed lunch. ALL children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes are entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal. (UIFSM)

The school office can give confidential advice on whether a child is entitled to have free school meals and how to apply. It is very important that ALL parents register their qualification for free school meals, as the school receives an extra £1300 of Pupil Premium Funding for each of these pupils. This can be registered even if you want to provide a packed lunch, so that school and your child benefits from the Pupil Premium Funding. Children who pay for their meals are asked to bring the money into school on Monday morning for the whole week, in a named, sealed envelope. If you wish to pay monthly or termly this must be done in advance not arrears.

All school meals are booked and paid for on Parent Pay.

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has specific medical or religious needs please inform the class teacher and school office, in writing, so the kitchen staff can then meet your child’s requirements.

Healthy Diet

The Senior Catering Officer has to balance the school menu each week in order to ensure that the children eating school meals are receiving adequate amounts of vegetables, carbohydrate, protein, fats etc and limit the amount of restricted foods such as processed meats. Therefore, we ask parents providing lunches to not include chocolate or sweets as part of their child’s packed lunch.


You can now select your child’s meal with them using Relish. Relish has all allergen, intolerance and dietary requirement information therefore it will only show your child the foods they can choose from for their meal.