At Osborne Primary, our families and community are some of our strongest partners. Our family and community engagement are a fundamental part of what Osborne is about. The Osborne community extends beyond the school walls. The children, staff, central team, families and wider ATLP make up the Osborne community.

Governance Arrangements 2023-24

Following reviews in 2020 and 2021, the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership has implemented a new model for local school oversight. Defined academy representative roles known as Advocates (formerly known as governor’s) collaborate with school leaders and Trustees to enhance the strategic priorities of individual schools and the Trust as a whole.

The structure reflects the Trust and its school’s single shared vision, a single Board of trustees and a single scheme of delegation. The governance structure is designed to reflect the overall legal responsibility of the Trust Board, and the direct link between individual school representation to both individual school and trustees.

For more information, about governance of ATLP schools, please click here

Our Advocates are:

Support and Challenge: Rona Gorton

Vulnerable Children: Julia Davenport

Safeguarding: Rona Gorton

Community: Paul Holley

Recent Years Attendance and Registers

Trust Wide Committee Attendance and Registers of Interest.

For further information on committee attendance and register of interests, follow the link